LEADER: Why stop at the posters?

Over recent months I have had to bear much criticism of Northumberland County Council Leader's beaming features being plastered everywhere one looks.

Saturday, 11th February 2017, 5:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:47 am

I should like to disassociate myself from this carping and say how reassuring I find it to have the benevolent face of our dear leader smiling down on me. It’s so nice to be able to put a face to a name isn’t it? Now, in the unlikely event of my ever seeing Coun Davey in Morpeth, I can give him a cheery wave, or even ask for an autograph.

But why stop at posters? I’m sure the fertile minds which dreamed up the poster campaign are even now looking at other ways to immortalise this icon of local government.

How about naming some of the wonderful additions to our town in a manner which recognises the vision with which Mr Davey has blessed us grateful citizens? The fast food outlet opposite the proposed new school could be called Davey’s Diner.

Finally, and surely this is long overdue, let’s erect a publicly-funded statue of Mr Davey to show our deep appreciation of all he has achieved. I can see it now – one hand holding a torn up copy of the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan with the other extended in an appropriate hand gesture to illustrate his regard for the citizens of our town.

I was a little unsure of where to propose placing this statue, but with the creation of that huge new open area where all those trees have been thoughtfully hacked down outside County Hall, what a perfect spot.

Perhaps Coun Davey is ahead of me on this one.

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