Leaky lake end in sight after decision

Pegswood Parish Presentation 16.09.13 Restoration Option 1 - Existing Lake
Pegswood Parish Presentation 16.09.13 Restoration Option 1 - Existing Lake

WORKS are set to start soon on a project that will finally put an end to a long-standing issue at a former opencast site on the edge of a village.

Various options were examined by Banks Group after it discovered that the lake created 10 years ago as part of the restoration of Pegswood Moor had failed to fill up.

It eventually narrowed them down to two schemes and asked Pegswood Parish Council to choose one.

Option one would leave the current lake as it is and workers would carry out planting and fencing to tidy up the area and footpath improvements. Option two would involve using infill material to create a scheme that would form a smaller lake, but also include extensive woodland planting and a managed species rich meadow.

The latter choice would take about five years and it would aim to transport 200,000 tonnes of soil and rock to the site per year. There would also be a community benefit fund.

After debating the pros and cons for each proposal, the parish council chose the former.

Banks has now been notified and its environment and community director, Mark Dowdall, said: “Pegswood’s preference is for option one, where the lake area is landscaped with extra planting, footpaths, fencing and seeding, retaining the current landform and water level.

“We remain fully committed to finalising this work and will continue to work with the county council, parish council and other interested parties to make this happen as quickly as possible.

“Meanwhile, work is continuing to complete the footpath link through phase two of the country park and Howburn Wood to Whorral Bank.”

Members of Longhirst and Hebron parish councils and Morpeth Town Council, which formed a liaison working group along with Pegswood Parish Council to try and get the matter resolved, also believe that option one is the best choice.