Left in dark

PARISH councillors have hit out at the county’s unitary authority for leaving them in the dark on two community issues.

The claims were made at a meeting of Pegswood Parish Council in relation to dog fouling and a new veterinary centre development.

Efforts are continuing to try to establish talks with the local dog warden about fouling issues in the area, but parish Clerk Kevin Cassie said that after initial contact via e-mail he has not had a response in the last few weeks.

“This silence is frustrating,” he said.

“At the beginning of March a dog owner was caught not picking the mess up on the Welfare field, but it was not reported to us.

“Putting information out about some prosecutions in our newsletter would make a big difference so it would be useful to have a meeting with the warden or his manager.”

Parish and county councillor David Woodard said he will raise the issue with the unitary’s Local Services department.

But members were also unhappy that Northumberland County Council did not include the parish authority in planning consultation for the new Robson and Prescott veterinary facility at Whorral Bank, even though the site is in its territory.

And there was further criticism after only Morpeth councillors, including the Mayor, were invited to a recent roof topping out ceremony.

Coun Alan Sambrook said: “It’s annoying that Morpeth gets all the credit for something that is in our boundary — it was the same for the waste recovery centre.”

The vets practice is moving to the site from its present base in Low Stanners, which will make way for the town’s new food store that is currently under construction.