Letter digs a bigger hole

MORPETH North Lib Dem Coun Moore’s letter in the Herald (September 20) appears to be digging himself deeper into a hole.

His main argument appears to be that it is wrong to remove the lights from the Telford Bridge junction ‘as it will take money from the highways budget’.

Surely this is a bizarre argument.

By Coun Moore’s own logic, the council should take no steps to solve problems in the town nor improve our highways because this would ‘cost money’.

Some may call me an optimist, but there are promising hints that the tide may be turning in the battle to remove the traffic lights.

Loyal Herald readers are familiar with the history of the local campaign to remove the lights.

I presented a petition of 2,500 people to the county council, demanding that the lights be removed and the mini-roundabout be brought back.

This was followed by a march of more than 500 people through Morpeth in support of the aims of the Lights Out campaign.

During the summer, at a meeting organised by Morpeth Conservatives, more than 200 people voted virtually unanimously to remove the lights.

Morpeth Town Council has since caved in under this wave of people power and now supports removal of the lights.

The Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade has, from the beginning, taken a strong stand against the lights.

The only obstacles that now remain to the goal of removing the hated lights are Morpeth’s Lib Dem county councillors, who continue to insist that the lights must stay in place.

I strongly encourage Coun Moore and his colleague Coun Tebbutt to open their minds and join our broad local coalition and join the calls for Lights Out!


Conservative Party Spokesman for Morpeth North