Letter may be needed to get lower premiums

Morpeth residents who will benefit from the new flood-defence scheme are being urged to check their insurance status.

It was confirmed at a recent meeting of the Northumbria Regional Flood and Coastal Committee that the dam on the Mitford Estate is now fully commissioned, but those renewing their policies soon should not assume that their premiums will automatically go down.

Morpeth Flood Action Group chairman Alan Bell said: “The Environment Agency has a national database containing flood-risk information for residential areas and it helps insurance firms to set premiums.

“However, it is only updated once every six months, so the improved one-in-137-year protection standard for many Morpeth homes won’t be displayed until the end of the year.

“Residents with policies coming up for renewal should therefore call the agency (03708 506506) as it will be able to send them a letter confirming the new protection that they can then forward to their insurance company.”