Light aircraft crash rumours quashed

A previous Great North Fly In. 'Picture by Chester Potts
A previous Great North Fly In. 'Picture by Chester Potts

Rumours of a light aircraft crash in Northumberland this afternoon have been quashed.

Social media has been rife with reports of an air accident near Morpeth.

But Northumbria Police say the rumours were sparked by a witness seeing a small plane coming down at Stanton Strip, near Morpeth, and not coming back up again.

But the light aircraft wasn’t in difficulties, it had simply landed.

The plane is believed to have been taking part in the Great North Fly-In at Eshott Airfield.

A police spokeswoman said: “There have been planes taking off and landing all afternoon as part of the air show. Someone saw this plane go down at Stanton Strip and not come back up again. It didn’t come back up because it had landed.

“We have spoken to the pilot and there were no difficulties. Everything is fine. He had simply landed.”