Lights fight spills into cyberspace

AN online petition has been set up calling for the immediate removal of Morpeth traffic lights.

The Herald revealed last week that almost 1,000 people had signed a petition at Morpeth Fair Day to demand that the signals at Telford Bridge should be taken out and the mini-roundabout reinstated.

Some local shops and businesses are continuing to collect more names in support.

And the 962 signatures could be further boosted after an e-petition was posted on Northumberland County Council’s website last Thursday.

It states: ‘The new traffic lights at Telford Bridge in Morpeth are confusing, unwelcome and cause congestion. Therefore, we demand that they are removed without delay and replaced by the roundabout system that we had before.’

So far, the petition has attracted 117 names.

The campaign is being led by county Conservatives, who have pledged to remove the lights if they gain control of the county council after elections next year.

The promise follows a public meeting at Morpeth Town Hall in May where about 200 residents and business owners turned out to voice their anger about the lights.

However, council officers say the signals are the best option for the junction to cope with an anticipated increase in traffic when a new supermarket opens off Dark Lane.

Another public meeting will be held on Thursday, July 12.

The petition will be available to sign online until Monday, August 13. It can be found at