LIGHTS: Hope that work speeds up a bit

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Clearly the county council set itself a challenging task to replace the county’s street lights.

I do recall the press releases highlighting how environmentally friendly the new lights will be.

It has to be challenging to organise the work in a co-ordinated manner as there will be a sizeable list of lights which are known to either not work, or not work effectively.

In Northbourne Avenue, you have to dodge around the barriers around various street lights on the hill where a new light has been installed.

However, the work hasn’t been finished.

Over the past few weeks when the barriers have been up residents will have formed their own views on how well the work has been done.

However, residents in neighbouring streets, who still haven’t seen a new street light and have to deal with what they have, will no doubt hope the installation work speeds up when it reaches them.

l Given that people catching the bus from Ashington to Morpeth have caught one from outside a certain sports shop and not the bus station for some years, the closing of Ashington bus station will not impact on them as much as people making other bus journeys from Ashington.

Given the plans to build the new County Hall in Ashington, there is a clear need for a bus station on a par with Morpeth’s to deal with an increase in people travelling to and from Ashington by bus.

The greater the number of bus uses, there will surely be more of an impact on traffic congestion in Ashington.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue