Lights march gathers support

THOUSANDS of leaflets will be distributed in Morpeth as traffic-light opponents prepare to march on County Hall.

The protest has been organised by campaigners calling for the removal of the signals at Telford Bridge.

Now, with just over a week to go before the action day, the protesters are stepping up their activities to make sure people know about the march and 5,000 leaflets have been printed to be distributed on the streets, in businesses and posted through doors.

Organiser James Mee said: “So far, there has been a very good reaction to the march.

“There are a lot of people saying they will turn up so I’m expecting the numbers to be between 250 to 1,000.

“I believe this march will be a first. There have been demonstrations at County Hall before, but there has never been anything where people have walked up to County Hall together from the town.

“If anything, I think the feelings about the lights are getting stronger because of the concrete barrier that has gone up, which I describe as being like a gentleman’s lavatory.

“There is still the problem in the residential areas with the rat runs, there is still the problem of congestion, there is still a problem with the right-hand turn at the lights. There is still a significant problem.”

Coun David Towns, who is Chairman of the Lights Out campaign group against the signals, said: “Now is the time to keep up the pressure and keep pushing to tell the council and the council’s administration that we are not prepared to wait any longer – these lights are causing harm for a variety of reasons and they have to come out now. That is what this march is all about.

“Whether there will be 20 people there or 200, I don’t know, but it is going to happen and we will make a difference. I’m hoping as many people as possible who can spare the time will come out to march.

“Signing a petition is one thing, but this will send a clear message to the council.”

The march will take place on Friday, August 31. Participants should meet in the Market Place at 11am, with the march expected to start around 11.20am.