Lions roar into action with refugee donation

Morpeth Lions Club

For the past two months, Morpeth Lions Club has been investigating how it can help meet refugees’ needs, particularly those fleeing Syria.

As well as supporting local causes, a proportion of the club’s funds is allocated towards national and international causes. Such money is usually directed to areas suffering physical disasters, such as flooding and earthquakes, but the club believes it should address the refugee crisis.

As an interim measure, the club decided to make a donation of £200 to the British Red Cross to support its work with refugees.

Morpeth Lion Geoff Bushell has been active in pursuing Lions International and individual clubs to see what projects might be put in place.

This has led the club to get in close contact with Norwegian Lions looking at projects based in a refugee camp in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

This possible project is now recognised by Lions clubs in our multiple district, which covers the North East and Scotland.

If all goes well, the Norwegian project could be in place before Christmas. One aspect of this is to provide medical aid and artificial limbs to refugee children at the camp.

Lions President Ian Brown said: “The humanitarian aspects of the crisis are immense, but our club wants to help with a tangible project.

“Money is scarce, but if we can get other British Lions clubs involved, as well as those in Norway, we can make a real difference to large numbers of children suffering in the camp. In addition, we are also keeping in touch with Joan Tebbutt and a new group in Morpeth looking at the various ways local organisations and individuals can help with the crisis.”