Lions take pride in first club quiz win

Morpeth Rotary Club

Monday, 6th February 2017, 3:29 pm
Rotary quiz, the winning team for Lions left to right: Simon Pringle, Les Brindley, Hilary Wheeler and Dave Wheeler.

Four teams gathered at Morpeth Golf Club for a battle of the brains.

The quiz competitors were representatives of Morpeth Lions Club, Morpeth Soroptimists, Morpeth Inner Wheel and Morpeth Rotary Club.

Rotarian Alan Barron was the question-master.

There were eight rounds altogether in the fun-filled competition, with five on general knowledge, one on music, one picture quiz, and a round on girls’ names.

It was difficult for the audience as no one knew which team they were supposed to cheer — there were Rotary wives on the Inner Wheel team, and the President’s wife was on the Soroptimists’ team.

There were some straightforward questions, such as the following.

Who was the king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream? (Oberon). Where did the early photographer Fox Talbot live? (Laycock). What is the only Old Testament Book to begin with an O? (Obadiah). In what year was cheese de-rationed? (1954). Which is the only rodent with a prehensile tail? (The harvest mouse). And what was Mr Darcy’s first name in Pride and Prejudice? (Fitzwilliam).

There were also questions that were thought to be easy, but were not known. These included:

Where is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain? (Piccadilly Circus). What was the Roman name for Eros? (Cupid).

Who was the Greek goddess of the rainbow? (Iris). And on what railway did the Rocket run? (Liverpool and Manchester).

There were also questions that appeared to be beyond any normal person’s capacity. Examples included:

Name the state fruit of West Virginia. (Golden Delicious). What is the meaning of the Maori word ‘mere’? (War club). What was the family name of Pope Francis? (Bergoglio). Which was the only Olympic Games to have aerobatics in the competition? (1936). And what is the current number of the Flying Scotsman? (60103).

The Lions team was in the lead after every round, and by round six they were eight points ahead of every other team in the quiz.

However, in the last two rounds Rotary began to creep up.

But the difference proved too great, and at the end of the questions the Lions were a clear five points ahead of Rotary and 11 points ahead of the other two teams.

The winning team consisted of Hilary Wheeler, Simon Pringle, Les Brindley and Dave Wheeler, who is the Lions District Governor.

The Lions Club has only been taking part in the competition for few years and this was a first win for the organisation.

Representing Rotary as last year’s unexpected winners, Michael Duffy made his usual well-practised speech of graciously acknowledging defeat.

This speech is well rehearsed and is normally used at the end of contests with other Rotary clubs in the region.

Rotary President Paul Crook presented the Lions with the silver salver of victory.

Lions representative Simon Pringle congratulated the other teams on an excellent competition, and also on the work and co-operation of the other service organisations.