Lower Ouseburn history lesson for Kirkley ladies

Kirkley WI

AT the February meeting of Kirkley WI Mike Greatbatch presented an illustrated talk about the history of the lower Ouseburn.

He described the development of the industries which existed and flourished in 
the area since the 19th Century.

Many of the factories have left names, which are remembered today. These include Maling pottery and Maynards toffee. Bottle works are remembered in the decorative green bottles incorporated into the railings which decorate the banks of the Ouseburn.

Of special interest to some members was the knowledge that the Ouseburn begins in Callerton Ponds and flows through Jesmond Dene.

The competition for ‘something made on Tyneside’ was won by Daphne Henderson. The vote of thanks was given by Diane Crook, who said she often visited the area.

During the business meeting final plans were made for the WI Centenary Baton, which will come to Ponteland. The details of the river cruise in May were discussed and the outing in July.