Lynda reveals photo passion

Morpeth Camera Club

ON Tuesday, March 5, Morpeth Camera Club welcomed guest speaker for the meeting Lynda Parker, President of Blyth Photographic Society.

Studying Art and Art History at college, the foundation course on photography left her unenthusiastic about the subject. She found the controls of a camera very complicated and did not pursue this aspect of her course.

Later, however, she embarked on a course of O and A-Level photography and discovered a new passion for the subject.

She found that recording light and its effect on all aspects of life a fascinating aspect of photography, which she was keen to pursue.

Entering online competitions, which had a dedicated theme, gave Ms Parker the focus to embark on what she calls mini projects – such as frosty mornings and the effect of frost on everyday objects, abandoned cars, sport and low-lit clubs – concentrating not necessarily on the action, but details which would normally go unnoticed.

She challenges herself to capture portraits and still-life in candlelight, low and unusual light, such as long exposures in torchlight, ‘painting’ the subject with subdued lighting, producing very unusual effects.

When she is not taking portraits of her family, friends and dogs, she gets in front of the camera, producing very imaginative self-portraits.

Always with her camera at the ready, she sets herself a theme. These have included wildflowers, sand patterns, textures in clouds and graphic images. For each one, she concentrates on the effect of light on the subject.

She describes her photography as a general all-round hobby, but with her combination of imagination, forward planning and experimentation and by drawing inspiration from her art-history background, Ms Parker has certainly created her own individual, personal style.

Morpeth Camera Club Chairman Dave Illingworth thanked her for a very interesting evening, which was followed as usual by a raffle and coffee.