LYNX: Consultation is under way

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The Conservative Government’s recent post-note on “rewilding and ecosystem services” recognises the potential ecological and financial benefits of the re-introduction of ‘keystone’ species such as the Eurasian lynx.

The proposal for a trial reintroduction of lynx in the Kielder area has gone through extensive review and site selection processes.

Following the experience gained through other reintroduction projects, and the extensive expertise within the Lynx UK Trust, the Kielder proposal is based on sound scientific evidence.

We are currently undertaking an extensive public consultation process, including door-to-door discussions, alongside hosting and attending forums, drop-ins and meetings with local residents and stakeholder organisations.

We have also been in communication with Guy Opperman MP and hope that positive discussions with Mr Opperman will follow.

Adam Eagle

Project Manager, Lynx UK Trust

Dr Ian Convery

Public Consultation Expert, University of Cumbria