Map showcases what’s on offer

PLANS to showcase what Ponteland has to offer to visitors and workers are in the final stages.

The town council has commissioned Cityscape Maps Ltd to put together and install two large heritage frames with details of the main streets and facilities in the area.

A number of hand-drawn 3D illustrated maps of A3 size will also be produced and they will be available from dispensers next to the boards, which will be located near the Pele Tower and outside the Co-op in Darras Hall.

Cityscape Maps has produced the artwork and councillors are now double checking their areas to see if anything needs to be added.

The idea was put forward by Ponteland Mayor Peter Cowey, who noticed when he visited America that most towns and villages he went to had A4 and A3 maps with information about their attractions and services.

“Councillors are currently going through their wards to check if anything has been missed and whilst Cityscape Maps has done an excellent job, there are a few little cul-de-sac areas that will need to be added,” he said.

“Once this has been done we will be ready to go and hopefully the two boards will be installed in the next couple of months, followed by the maps not long afterwards.”

At a recent meeting of the authority, councillors agreed to make the heritage frame in Darras Hall double sided so people can see the large map from both sides of the road.