Memorial in village is restored

A significant event was held at St John the Baptist Church on November 4, when the newly-restored war memorial was unveiled by Ulgham Parish Council chairman Jim Scott and Ulgham Village Association chairman Helen Dunn.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 14:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 17:19 pm
Ulgham Parish Council and Ulgham Village Association have thanked all those involved in the project to restore the war memorial.

There was also a new memorial seat unveiled as a complement to the memorial.

This was followed a week later, during the service on Remembrance Sunday, by the re-dedication of the war memorial by Bishop Mark Tanner of Berwick in the presence of clergy, councillors and parishioners from the local area.

The project to restore it was started in January 2017, but funding restraints caused long delays to the start of the work that was occasioned by the very poor condition of the plinth and general fabric of the memorial.

The War Memorials Trust in London refused to fund the restoration because it felt the proposed work was outside its remit, but gave a grant to confirm that work urgently needed to be done but funded elsewhere.

In April 2018, the Community Foundation, connected with the Sisters and North Steads windfarms, approved the grant required to fund the project.

And after the contractor and planning officer agreed the materials to be used, the works were completed on time.