Mitford WI

FOR their April meeting, members of Mitford WI decided to spend time discussing the resolution for the forthcoming WI AGM in London on the subject of midwives.

There followed a quite in-depth discussion on the shortage of midwives and how this could be helped by recruiting additional care assistants. Many members contributed their opinions and criticisms of the Government’s proposals to alleviate the problems. At the end, members felt that they had added to their own previously limited knowledge of the subject through sharing information.

To conclude the evening, members enjoyed looking at the wedding photographs provided by them, and which were on display. There were sighs of regret at the lost waistlines of the young brides and a genuine interest in the changing fashions, one of these being the enormous size of the bouquet of one of the Edwardian brides.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening which provided both thought-provoking discussion and a chance for reminiscences and a chat over a cuppa.