Mixed response to housing plans

Cookswell House, High Onstead, Pegswood,'REF 0209136642
Cookswell House, High Onstead, Pegswood,'REF 0209136642

Concerns have been raised about the potential impact of new homes on a Grade II-listed building in a county village.

But other residents in Pegswood have expressed their support for the planning application to build 10 new properties and turn Cookswell House in Pegswood into three properties.

The bid by Mike Robertson was re-submitted after investigation works were carried out to address matters related to historic mining risk and also the potential for surface-water flooding in the local area as a result of the development.

They found that the ground conditions are extremely stable and an agreement is in place with Northumbrian Water for a connection from the site into the mains system as it has capacity for both foul and surface water drainage from the area.

Under the plans, three two-storey detached homes would be constructed on the western element of the site, three pairs of detached bungalows would be developed on the eastern section of the site and there would also be one further new-build to the south of Cookswell House.

A total of 13 objections have so far been submitted to Northumberland County Council and the majority of them have signed a letter which says the proposal will have an adverse effect on the setting of a listed building.

It includes the following: “By allowing new modern premises to be built on the land adjacent to Cookswell House as indicated within the plans, the entire setting of the premises will not just be altered, but destroyed.

“These new premises would not add to the history or heritage of Pegswood at this location, which makes an important contribution to the character of our village, instead they would take it away.”

Ten comments in support of the application, saying that it would be good for the village, have been put forward.

Mr Robertson said Cookswell House would be reverted to its original status as it began as three dwellings before being converted into a manor house in the 1960s.

“The external appearance would change relatively little, as it would be mainly internal alterations,” he added.

“There is nobody more passionate about Cookswell House than myself, having already undertaken a huge amount of work to make it fully habitable when I bought it 14 years ago.”

The planning statement by application agent Robin Wood includes the following: “In relation to the east of the site, with the leylandaii hedge removed and the type of development proposed it is considered that the development will actually deliver greater views of Cookswell House, which will allow wider appreciation of the building. It is acknowledged that the detached dwellings will have some impact on the setting of the Cookswell House group but on the basis that the western elements of Cookswell House are not of special interest and no significant views are available with the proposed development directly in the foreground.”