Mixed views over wind power plans

RESIDENTS have been able to put forward their views about plans for a windfarm on the former Tranwell Airfield.

And there was a mixed response at the exhibitions in Mitford, Stannington and Morpeth, according to developer Wind Ventures.

The project team was on hand to provide the most up-to-date information for the site, which would contain four turbines up to 126m high.

Daniel Baird, of Wind Ventures, said: “We were very pleased with the turnout over the three events. The exhibitions have given us the opportunity to talk directly to people from the local communities and respond to points raised about the project.

“Those who visited were given the opportunity to complete a comment card to express their views. We are very pleased that of those that expressed a view 45 percent were in favour of the project, citing climate change amongst other reasons as the need for renewable energy.”

A planning application is set to be submitted by the end of the year.

A bid for a windfarm by TNEI Services between Molesden and the East and West Edington Farms, which is about a mile north of Tranwell Airfield, is expected to happen in a similar timescale.

Mitford Parish Council Chairman Mike Sharp said: “There has been a fair amount of concern expressed in the village about the number of potential windfarms in the local area, including to the south of Mitford, but as a parish council we feel it would be inappropriate to comment on Wind Ventures’ plans at this stage as a planning application has yet to be lodged.”

The developer is keen to establish a Community Liaison Group (CLG) for discussion with parish representatives. The group would meet throughout the process to receive progress updates and put forward the views of communities.

Stannington Parish Council Chairman Karen Carins said: “We were concerned that its initial consultation plans were a bit selective so we’re pleased that the developer put on these exhibitions.

“The majority of members attended one of the three events and have done some research on windfarms in general, but we have decided not to comment on the scheme itself until a planning application has been submitted.”