Morpeth RDA members qualify for '˜Nationals'

A group of eight riders from Morpeth RDA (Riding for the Disabled) have qualified for the RDA National Championships.

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 10:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 10:56 am

The RDA North Regional competition took place at the Washington RDA Centre last Friday and they took home a bundle of winning rosettes!

Three of their ponies, Johnny, Midnight and Baz were entered in both Dressage and Countryside Challenge classes. As expected, they took everything in their stride and behaved very well.

Huge thanks to coaches, Laura Winter and Sharon Neil for helping their riders do so brilliantly at the competition. Thanks also go to Chloe Larkin and volunteer Eleanor Forbes for assisting riders and leading ponies so well in some of their classes.

Morpeth RDA is based at the Pegasus Centre, Tranwell and relies hugely on Active Northumberland for their financial support.

They are also pleased to have Chloe Wyatt representing their group on her own pony, Billy. Chloe started riding at Morpeth RDA at a young age and is now a very confident rider and a member of Morpeth Hunt Pony Club. Chloe qualified in both Dressage and Show Jumping classes.

Morpeth RDA Group chairman, Abby Boyle and treasurer, Michelle Macaulay who both attended the competition were thrilled that so many riders qualified for the RDA Nationals and are very proud of their achievements.

Michelle, who also coaches children from Northumberland Church of England Academy in Ashington, was pleased to receive first to fifth place rosettes for their entries into the Arts & Crafts competition, these entries will also go forward to the nationals.

The RDA National Championships will take place in Hartpury, Gloucester from July 13-15.

Morpeth qualifiers are:

Valerie Argent 1st, two Dressage Classes on Johnny; Ryan Gillespie 1st Dressage on Midnight; Charlie Brown 1st Dressage on Midnight; Derek Cleminson 2nd Dressage, 1st CC on Midnight; Kaelin Fairgrieve 1st CC on Baz; Lily May Henderson 1st CC on Baz; Joshua Benkhabeb-House 1st Dressage, 2nd CC on Johnny; Kaitlyn Venus 3rd Dressage , 3rd CC on Baz; Chloe Wyatt 1st Dressage, 2nd SJ on Billy