Moves under way to tackle wee problem

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Late night revellers are being warned that if they are caught spending a penny on the streets of Morpeth, they could ultimately spend their night in the cells for their anti-social behaviour.

Some residents and visitors have been urinating outside when caught short after a night out. The main problem area for an impromptu toilet stop is near the taxi rank on Bridge Street.

Businesses and concerned locals have raised complaints and Northumberland County Council has teamed up with Northumbria Police and Morpeth Town Council to raise awareness of the issue among local taxi drivers and late night premises across the town centre.

They have been asked to direct those in need to the nearest convenience so they can urinate without causing streams of unpleasantness to the streets of Morpeth.

Anyone who spends a penny in a public street could find themselves with anything from a warning from the police to a night in the cells and an anti-social behaviour order depending on the severity of their behaviour.