MP angry at ‘right to die’ bill vote result

A Northumberland MP has expressed his ‘disappointment and anger’ after attempts to introduce a new law to allow assisted dying was defeated in Parliament last week.

Following a debate in the House of Commons, with strong opinions from both sides of the argument, 330 MPs opposed the bill and 118 backed the proposals.

They would have allowed patients thought to have no more than six months to live, on the evidence of two doctors, and who had a ‘clear and settled intention’ to end their lives, as then confirmed by an independent high court judge, to be prescribed a lethal dose of drugs on the authority of two certifying doctors.

But opponents said it was dangerous as diagnoses can be wrong and a growing number of people are recovering from serious illnesses.

Hexham MP Guy Opperman said: “I am saddened by the result, but also angry that people are being denied choice and the freedom to die without terrible suffering.

“Many of my constituents, along with a surprising number of my church-goers, wanted this change.”