Mum’s little life-saver

Heroine, seven-year-old Amber-Rose Hansen from Pegswood who saved her mother Helga after she blacked out and hit her head on the floor.
Heroine, seven-year-old Amber-Rose Hansen from Pegswood who saved her mother Helga after she blacked out and hit her head on the floor.

A QUICK-THINKING schoolgirl has been hailed a heroine after coming to the aid of her poorly mum.

Seven-year-old Amber-Rose Hansen knew just what to do when her mum Helga collapsed in a pool of blood at their Pegswood home.

The brave youngster calmly picked up the phone to call for help, got her mum a glass of water, helped her to sit up and talked to her until relatives arrived to take her to hospital.

Miss Hansen said: “She was just brilliant – she wasn’t like a seven-year-old, she was just like a little nurse.”

The drama unfolded at the family home in Bamburgh Drive, Pegswood, at about 9am on Saturday, September 22.

Miss Hansen began to feel unwell so went to lie down in her bedroom, while Amber-Rose played in her own room, but she only made it as far as the door before passing out.

She said: “I was just walking to the bedroom because I didn’t feel right and collapsed in the doorway.

“Amber was in her bedroom at the other side of the house and she must have heard me fall.

“She said she came through and asked me if I was all right and when I didn’t respond she climbed over me to get to the phone and called my parents in Morpeth.

“When I came round she was on the phone, she went and got me some water and helped me get up, but it’s all very hazy for me.”

Miss Hansen’s sister took her Wansbeck Hospital where tests showed that her blood pressure had dropped significantly to bring on her collapse, but it is not known why it happened.

She has appointments for further checks and may need treatment for a broken nose.

“I really messed my face up quite badly.

“My nose is still swollen so that could be broken, I’ve given myself a big shiner and my face is all cuts and bruises. There was so much blood I’ve had to replace the carpet,” she said.

“Amber didn’t cry or anything. In the hospital she told the nurses how she got a fright when she saw her mummy on the floor, but she didn’t cry and knew she had to get help so rang her grandma.

“What’s really frightening is that had she not reacted as she did I don’t know what I would have done.

“I lost so much blood and when my sister came to help I was making no sense.

“There was just no way at all that I could have got help myself. I couldn’t even stand up or talk sensibly.

“Thankfully, Amber was just perfect. For a seven-year-old it’s amazing.”

Amber-Rose said: “Mummy told me before it all happened that she wanted to go to bed and then I heard her fall over. I thought she was just asleep, but she didn’t wake up and she had blood on her face and there was some on the carpet.

“I didn’t have to think about anything – I knew that she would want her mummy so I rang her.

“I knew the number and I said ‘you have to come her and help me and mummy because she’s not well’.

“It was bad, but it’s all right now.”

The Morpeth All Saints pupil has been telling all her friends about what happened and has received treats from family as a reward for her actions, including an address book so that she can find more telephone numbers if she ever needs them.

Miss Hansen said: “She has reacted amazingly well

“I was petrified that she was going to be traumatised by what happened, but she’s been fine.

“She’s talking about it and telling everyone at school about it.

“Thankfully the teachers have made a fuss about how good she has been as well.

“She recognises she did a really good thing.”