Nationalisation of railways question for public meeting

SENRUG chairman Dennis Fancett.
SENRUG chairman Dennis Fancett.

With the nation in turmoil over last week’s EU referendum result, another issue that divides opinion will be discussed at a public meeting in Morpeth Town Hall on Tuesday.

The topic for the South East Northumberland Rail User Group (SENRUG) event is ‘would re-nationalisation be right for Britain’s railways?’

The subject often divides those campaigning for better rail services – some hotly argue that the railways should be returned to the public sector, while others point with equal passion to the innovation and investment private train operators bring.

Sharing their thoughts will be Nigel Harris, managing editor of the prestigious Rail Magazine, and Christian Wolmar, an award-winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport.

He is a columnist with the same magazine and additionally an author of several books on rail transport.

SENRUG chairman Dennis Fancett said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Nigel and Christian both to Northumberland and our public meeting, and we are very grateful for them giving up their time and making the journey to be with us.

“Normally, we have one speaker at our meetings, but on this occasion we have not just one, but two highly distinguished people. They are both experts on what’s right and what’s wrong with the state of our railways today.”

The format for the event is that the two men will give a brief introduction and this will be followed by questions or brief comments from the floor, which will receive a response from Nigel and/or Christian.

All are welcome to attend the meeting, which starts at 7.30pm. Refreshments will be available.

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