New dog orders come into force

FOUR new dog control orders have come into force in Northumberland.

The regulations have been introduced by Northumberland County Council following public consultation in which more than 3,000 residents gave their views.

They make it an offence to let your dog foul on public land without clearing it up immediately, require owners to keep their dogs on leads in certain areas, such as main roads and graveyards, and enable authorised officers to order people to put their dogs on leads.

There are also exclusion areas for enclosed children’s play areas, and seasonally at parts of Blyth and Newbiggin beaches, where dogs are not allowed.

Council Executive Member for Health and Public Protection Anita Romer said: “The introduction of these new orders will make the law easier to understand and enforce, which will be to the benefit of all our communities.

“It is not our aim to make life difficult for responsible dog owners, but to ensure that all our public spaces can be enjoyed by everybody.”