New flooding fears as water main bursts

Burst water main in Oldgate
Burst water main in Oldgate

FLOOD fears came rushing back in Morpeth due to a burst water pipe.

Water came up in Oldgate at 3pm on Friday.

A fire crew from Pegswood was called and cordoned off a 20m by 7m section.

The water ran off into storm drains, which allowed pupils at St Robert’s First School to make their way home safely.

Northumbrian Water came out to repair the fault.

Brent Richardson, of Morpeth Mobility, said: “The water came out of the middle of the road very quickly. We just avoided being flooded last week and had only recently put everything back in the shop that we took out as a precaution.

“Hopefully, there are no issues with the road or path next to it because the soil has been washed out and the structure is very weak.”

The area was closed for a day.

A spokeswoman for Northumbrian Water said: “The water was turned off within an hour of Northumbrian Water receiving a report about a burst water main in Morpeth.

“Repair of the pipe took about two hours and the road was resurfaced before it was re-opened late on Saturday afternoon.”