New home swap service

A NEW home swap service is now available to Northumberland tenants.

Northumberland County Council’s Homefinder service has joined forces with national mutual exchange scheme Homeswapper.

The partnership means that tenants of Isos Housing, Homes for Northumberland, The Bernica Group, and Berwick Borough Housing can use the service free to swap their homes.

And as the scheme runs across the country, there is also the possibility of people wishing to re-locate being able to arrange a swap with people wishing to move into the area.

Currently, more than 219,000 homes are advertised on Homeswapper.

Council Executive Member for Housing Tom Brechany said: “We are always looking for new ways to meet the housing needs of our residents and we hope that membership of this scheme will provide another option for social housing tenants looking for a different type of property.

“Schemes like this also mean that housing stock is being used in the most effective way, with a greater chance that properties are of the right size and in the right location for the needs of tenants.”

To join the scheme and register a property visit