New homes concern

RESIDENTS living next to a site on the edge of a Northumberland village have officially voiced their displeasure over plans for new housing.

More than 25 objections to the bid for 10 new properties and the sub-division of the historic Cookswell House into three separate dwellings have now been submitted.

Three two-storey detached homes would be constructed on the western element of the site, three pairs of detached bungalows would be developed on the eastern section of the site and there would also be one further new build to the south of Cookswell House.

Proposed works also include the demolition of the existing stable building, creation of a new highway access and block of four double garages and removing six trees.

The majority of those opposing the development have put forward a united response and one issue raised relates to its layout and appearance.

The objection document says: ‘The proposed three two-storey detached homes are significantly different and larger to all detached premises on the already established residential estate.

‘The argument of an established/separate boundary line does not exist between the property (Cookswell House) and the detached proposed premises.

‘This section is not of good design, it does not respect the character and surrounding of the established site it wishes to infill and clearly lacks continuity.’

It argues that there would be a road safety issue because the bin collection service would be present and stationary for periods of time on the main road into Pegswood from Morpeth and vehicles would have to travel on the opposite carriageway.

The residents also believe that this scheme would be overdevelopment.

The document adds: ‘New up-to-date figures still await to be published giving a true reflection of the housing situation in Pegswood as the previous figures are 12 months out-of-date and have not been updated within this time.

‘We have had large residential developments completed in the village during this time frame, for example Beamount Court, and premises remain for sale within the area.’

The consultees that have responded so far include Northumbrian Water, which has asked the applicant to submit a detailed site drainage scheme.