New pedestrian crossing in key area on approach to town

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A new pedestrian crossing has been installed near the Mafeking roundabout in Morpeth.

The installation comes following discussions between Northumberland County Council representatives and residents, and lobbying from Stobhill’s Conservative councillor John Beynon.

He said: “Residents’ safety should be the first priority of any council and until recently residents have been let down in this respect.

“Although there have been some critical comments about the crossing on social media, the need for a crossing was raised by residents in the run-up to the county-council elections in May and I’ve received many positive comments from people in the area since it was installed.

“I’m glad that the county council has taken this action.”

Coun Glen Sanderson, the council’s cabinet member for environment and local services, who is pictured, right, with Coun Beynon at the crossing, said: “The previous signs and markings weren’t clear and many people were genuinely confused about when it was safe to cross.

“The new pedestrian crossing, complete with Belisha beacons, make things a lot clearer.”