New plan to target illegal parking

A FRESH approach is being taken in an attempt to tackle problem parking in the High Stanners area of Morpeth.

The county council will be installing new double yellow lines at the bottom of Curly Kews bank and the pinch point opposite Mulan, according to Morpeth North member David Bawn.

Residents have complained that drivers illegally leave their cars in the area during the day, which can restrict access for emergency vehicles, and also in the evening to visit the restaurant or the Riverside Lodge bar and venue.

Coun Bawn suggested a residents’ paid permit scheme, but a slight majority of residents were against the idea when it went to consultation.

The county council said people living further away from the club and restaurant did not think it was fair to have to pay for such a permit.

Coun Bawn said he is seeking alternative sources of funding for a year’s trial for a permit scheme that would be free to residents.

He added: “The new double yellow lines will help to ease congestion in these areas.

“Enforcement is key and I’ve been assured after-hours monitoring will take place. In fact, several tickets have now been issued to those who have parked on the existing double yellow lines after 7pm.”

One of those against the paid-permit idea, Chris Mears, said: “Residents felt extremely strongly that they should not be forced to pay to park outside their own homes, nor be restricted to one visitor at any given time.

“Residents also felt aggrieved at being asked to pay to fix the council’s mistake in granting a function licence for a 150-capacity venue with only 12 parking spaces and furthermore don’t see why they should have to pay to park in their own street when the rest of Morpeth will soon be free parking.”