New plan would give parish more people power

MOVES are underway to give residents in a county parish a bigger say in the future of their area.

An application has been made by Stannington Parish Council to designate the land it covers as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of neighbourhood planning. If it is approved by the county council, those involved will seek the necessary funding.

Stannington as an electoral division dates back to 1894 and as well as the village, the parish includes Blagdon Estate, Clifton, Stannington Station, Glororum, St Mary’s and farmland.

Parish council chairman Karen Carins said: “It’s a great opportunity for us to be able to plan our future over the coming years.

“We are quite a unique parish because we have a few satellite hamlets and Blagdon Estate, which have different needs from Stannington village.

“Incomes across the parish vary significantly from those with relatively low incomes to those with professional backgrounds.

“Going ahead with a neighbourhood area would give everyone in the parish the chance to put forward their views about what features they would like to protect and potential projects that would benefit the community. The more people that are involved, the better.

“It will be a long process because we would need to get funding in place, but it’s quite exciting and if a neighbourhood plan was adopted, it could help to prevent problems before they happen – particularly with planning applications.”

She added that she has learned a great deal from sitting in on some of the Morpeth neighbourhood planning meetings and neighbouring town and parish councils will be made fully aware of this plan.

For more information about the Stannington application, call the county council on 0845 6006400.