New safety barrier is just a load of bollards!

Bollards photoographs by Bob Robertson of the Lights-Out group.
Bollards photoographs by Bob Robertson of the Lights-Out group.

A NEW road safety barrier at Morpeth traffic lights has been branded a waste of time and money.

The single bollard has been erected beside the pedestrian crossing outside St George’s Church following complaints that vehicles are mounting the pavement to avoid queues at the Telford Bridge traffic lights.

Several incidents have been reported at the junction, including the flattening of a give-way sign twice in a matter of days.

But members of the Lights Out group, which is campaigning for the traffic signals to be removed, say the new bollard has been erected in the wrong place, does nothing to address the problems and cars continue to run over the path.

Chairman David Towns said: “Putting in a slender bollard in the wrong place just seems an enormous waste of time and public money.”

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said: “A safety audit identified the need for bollards and the position has been agreed with the church. The layout of this junction is being considered as part of the overall independent review of traffic management in Morpeth.”