New seats for town centre

THE Morpeth Market Place street scene will soon be changing with the introduction of new seats.

The wooden benches are to be replaced with more durable plastic models, which will be easier to maintain.

But Morpeth Town Council Clerk Gillian Turner said that the dedicated seats currently in place will not be taken apart.

“They will be offered to the families to put in their garden. Any that are left will be offered to schools and then allotment holders,” she added.

Residents with dedicated seats will have the option to continue for another ten years with a new plaque on one of the plastic benches.

Members agreed to keep the decade-long price at £600, although Coun Derek Thompson said it should be lower because the plastic models are about £100 cheaper than the wooden ones.

However, Ms Turner said the recommendation to keep the charge the same took into account increasing labour costs and the requirement for new plaques, and the other councillors on the Property and Asset Management Committee voted in favour.