Nickie keeps it in the family

BRIAN Gott, of Gott Technical Services, was host for his daughter-in-law, Nickie Gott, when she talked to Morpeth Rotary Club about event management.

Her work includes organising very large outdoor spectaculars, award dinners and red carpet receptions, but the jobs she ends up with are varied.

She can be on duty in a safety vest, arranging for an ice rink to be sprayed with water, handling bats and tarantulas and, putting in floor tiles for half a million visitors.

For a big winter festival in Scotland she had to organise hay bales, animals, acrobats, fireworks, road closures and diversions, Christmas markets, skating, phones and electrical supplies, large crowds, a temporary big wheel, a parade, high winds, snow, stewards, contractors, pipe bands and entertainers.

Things can change at the last minute, like the firework display for 20,000 people where the wind got too strong to meet safety standards, then dropped allowing a re-instatement with 30 seconds to spare. And there was the professor of science who said there was no need to have fire stewards standing by at his explosion demonstration, but finally agreed. Just as well as he set himself on fire and had to go to hospital.

The new President for 2012/13, Laurie Walker, gave the results of two charity efforts. A concert, plus the Water Aid lunches run by last year’s President David Richardson and his wife, raised £1,300, which will pay for 65 water filter devices to be sent to the Congo.

A barbecue run by Michael Duffy and his wife raised £340 for Save the Children.