No co-ordination when needed

THE people of Morpeth have for many years suffered because of flooding to the town. Defences are allegedly being put in place to combat flooding from the Wansbeck.

What is being done to prevent flooding of the roads around Morpeth by rain which blocks, in certain spots, according to a young policeman ‘all the time’?

We have had ‘once’ again flood warnings that have predicted flooding. Any sensible person would think that the notorious areas would be a high risk. Not so where it concerns the county council, police or environment services. Is there no one in any of these services with the sense to make a standard contingency plan to benefit the people who pay their salaries?

A case in point: East Mill. Everyone and their aunt knows it floods on a regular basis. This often disrupts traffic and causes utter chaos.

Why, after many episodes, do the authorities have no co-ordinated plan of action to control traffic at this vulnerable point?

Why is it that after the event a decision is made to close the road when traffic has been struggling for hours to traverse the area?

Yours, a very disgruntled Morpethian, sick of jobsworths.