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Morpeth Lions Club

By The Newsroom
Monday, 23 May, 2016, 12:33
Morpeth Lions Vice President Margaret Trewick presents a cheque to Deborah Snowdon.

Morpeth Lions have been going all musical of late.

Young Morpeth musician Deborah Snowdon is looking to purchase a pedal harp in order to develop her music career.

By applying to grants, bursaries, busking, playing at events, putting on concerts and donations, Deborah had managed to raise £4,000 towards the purchase of a pedal harp in order to allow her to progress with her studies to be a professional musician.

Deborah lives and went to school in Morpeth, and is now in her first year of reading music at the University of Edinburgh.

Her main instruments for performance are harp and piano.

She has been playing on a 34-string lever harp, but to develop further as a musician and performer, she needs to progress onto a pedal harp with 47 strings, which will allow her to perform more virtuosic classical music.

Classical music requires a lot of lever changes throughout the music, which makes it impossible to keep the music fluent on a lever harp, and the string range is not suitable for a lot of demanding music.

Pedal harps have seven pedals and this mechanism allows accidentals to be played without the harpist being required to stop playing. Instead, they can press one of the seven pedals while continuously playing with both hands, and they also allow a performance of a much wider variety of music.

The price of a pedal harp is around £10,000.

Several members of Morpeth Lions Club attended a fund-raising concert and, whilst there, Morpeth Lion Vice President Margaret Trewick presented Deborah with a cheque for £250.

In total, the concert raised £1,100 towards the pedal harp.

Deborah has promised to play for a Morpeth Lions’ event in the future.

Continuing the musical theme, Morpeth Lions help to raise money each year for the Morpeth Gathering, which is a weekend of music, dance, the arts and local culture.

On the Saturday of the festival the Lions’ Street Collection raised £673 for the Gathering.

Next year will be the 50th celebration of the Gathering, and much needs to be done in advance to ensure this is a success.

In view of this, Morpeth Lions topped the collection up to £1,000 and Kim Bibby-Wilson, of the Gathering Committee, was delighted to receive a cheque for this amount at a recent club meeting.

Kim stressed to the group that finance is always difficult, but the generosity of the Lions will help the committee to plan ahead with more confidence.

Morpeth Lions Club is a member of Lions International and serves the local community.

It will help where it is needed and the club can provide financial assistance and manpower where necessary.

The support it provides is funded by donations from the public, which the club raises in a number of different ways, including street collections, raffles, a fishing competition, meals, and a casino night.