Nothing compares to this

THE Blue Sky Forest vision is incomparable to any UK Coal restoration scheme to date, a director has said.

Eddie Peat, who is a director of the company’s property division Harworth Estates, is delighted to see the massive project beginning to firm up as he has been involved in the plans from the outset 10 years ago.

And he says there is nothing the company has done before on any of its sites across the UK that could compare.

“This is the third time we have done a consultation round going back ten years. It started off after the Foot and Mouth outbreak when the community of the Widdrington Regeneration Partnership looked for future benefits from the mining sites. That is how it was born and we have been partners in the process ever since,” he said.

“The partnership has been great.

“We have got a site we are restoring as a golf course in Derbyshire and the developer is Stoneheads. They are building the golf course and there are plans for a leisure centre and hotel as well, but it isn’t comparable with this scheme.

“I don’t think there is anything comparable with this, not on this scale.

“I have been involved with this from the start so I’m very pleased to get to this stage. I have a personal interest in it and I’m pleased at the way it is developing. It has been a very good example of how commercial organisations can work with community partners to bring forward quite ambitious plans.”