Nude jogger, no problem – but don’t mention phone numbers to our Anne

THIS Friday sees the retirement of Anne Rutter after 24 years working as a receptionist at Robson and Prescott.

Anne has been a valued and a well-loved employee, working first at Bedlington for many years, she then moved to Morpeth full-time.

There was the redevelopment of the Morpeth surgery when Anne’s dry humour helped us during many stressful occasions, working partly out of temporary cabins on a building site. She then worked at Blyth when we moved from Plessey Road to a new state of the art premises at Bridge Street.

The flood of September 2008 tested everyone’s resolve when, yet again, the Morpeth surgery had to be refurbished. Anne returned to the Morpeth practice as receptionist. Then, on the retirement of Chris Hargraves, took over her position as our mainstay in the office, dealing mainly with the farm and equine clients.

Despite her renowned inability to take a phone number correctly — right numbers but wrong order — Anne will be sadly missed and I’m sure all our clients will have some particular tale about her that they can recount. However, nothing will surpass the time we had a streaker jog in to the surgery.

It was a hot August afternoon and he jogged across our car park, past one of our vets who stood open mouthed, up to the desk where Anne was sitting and casually asked the time.

Without even looking up, Anne glanced at her watch and answered quarter past three to which the naked man turned and jogged out. When asked why she hadn’t noticed he didn’t have a stitch on, Anne replied: “ I told you this desk was too high.”

Despite her retirement, she has agreed to cover holidays so she will be back on an occasional basis, but I know everyone will wish her and her husband Mel a long, happy and fulfilling retirement. She will be missed by us all.

Other news includes the continued rapid progress of our new premises at Whorral Bank. I’m sure everyone will be taking an interest as the new building is taking shape with the obvious look of a farmhouse and buildings. The new surgery looks huge compared to our present site, but I’m sure with the plans we have that we will fill it. The planned moving date is still aimed at June, but we’ll keep you informed of its progress.

We had a well attended equine client meeting on April 19 at Morpeth Town Hall with about 90 people present. Dr John Keen spoke about equine Cushings disease and equine metabolic syndrome and their role in laminitis. Louise Jones, equine nutritionist with Dodson and Horrell, spoke about the importance of diet in the control and management of laminitis and Graeme Moran and Guy Errington answered questions about shoeing and trimming feet for laminitis.

Our next meeting is planned for May 30, again at Morpeth Town Hall and titled ‘The journey to the centre of the horse’, covering worming and gastric ulcers in the horse. More details will follow later.

Sally Booth, Director and Senior Vet