‘Nuisance’ bus shelter is set to stay in place

CALLS for a bus shelter to be removed have been turned down by councillors.

The request was made to Morpeth Town Council about a shelter in Shields Road, Stobhill, which faces the opposite way to most others.

Instead of passengers standing on the roadside, the shelter is positioned so they wait behind it, closer to houses, and a resident has complained about disturbance.

However, the council’s Property and Asset Management Committee said the shelter was requested by residents and it had to be positioned that way.

Chairman Andrew Tebbutt said: “There are a number of bus shelters positioned like this because of access around the footpath. If it was the opposite way it would have to be right up against the house boundary wall. The alternative is to put the back of it right against the garden wall.

“The resident says that the majority of the time there are one or two people waiting for a bus. There are not masses of people, but there are people there regularly, which shows that it is a bus shelter that is used. It would be amiss of us to even think about removing something when we know it is used.

“I understand the resident’s concern, but the shelter is that way for a particular reason, it has been there six years and it was put in at the request of residents.”

The council will encourage police to check the area for disturbance.

Coun Derek Thompson said: “This bus shelter has been a long-running saga and it was never satisfactorily resolved. No one wants a bus shelter outside their house, but it has to be somewhere. It is difficult, but it doesn’t seem reasonable to remove it.”