Did you see a UFO over the coast?

An extraterrestrial investigator is looking into UFO sighting claims in Northumberland – and he is keen to hear from anyone else who may have seen the object.

Karl Webb, a British Field Investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon),is attempting to substantiate the report.

The object, which was said to be moving at a steady speed, allegedly passed over the Hadston area towards Amble last month.

Mr Webb said: “I am currently dealing with a sighting that took place at around 7pm to 7.30pm on Saturday, November 22.

“The main witness to the sighting reported it to us and as part of our ongoing investigation, we need to ascertain, or indeed negate, the possibility that the sighting of this object was witnessed by others and that it is indeed genuine with substance.

“From the information we have so far in terms of size, distance and direction, we believe that the object could well have been seen travelling in a south-to-north direction, passing over the Hadston area going towards Amble on the coast at a steady speed.”

Mr Webb admitted that some may take the nature of his work with an element of cynicism, but said that his request for witnesses is not a spoof.

He added: “With regard to any photos or video, all I can say at this juncture is there is no such corroboratory evidence that I am aware of at this stage of my investigation.

“I am unable to reveal my witness to the events due to Mufon’s obligation to protect them. I would hope that my investigation may reveal further sources and subsequently give some corroboration to the sighting.”

He has urged anyone who may have seen the object to contact him by emailing kwwebb o64@blueyonder.co.uk