BREXIT: Voters’ attitude is changing

We are trade union members from the North East who are worried about the threat that Brexit poses to workers’ rights, which have been built up over the last 40 years.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 5:00 am

European Union laws safeguard our existing rights, and the EU is developing new legislation to give protections to people working in the gig economy and on zero-hours contracts.

Brexit Britain would miss out on new rules forcing employers to give reasonable notice of shifts, limiting probationary periods to six months, giving you the right to take on a second job, and to receive a reply to requests for more secure hours or conditions.

The Government has said it will give Parliament a vote on whether to adopt new European rules, but its track-record suggests it may not deliver such key employment legislation.

Trade union members are part of a growing shift in the North East’s attitude towards Brexit.

According to analysis by Best for Britain and HOPE not hate, between the referendum and November 2018, 10.2 per cent more voters in the North East would now vote to keep our EU membership.

Europe is changing for the better and it’s time the public has an opportunity to decide if losing the rights we have fought for is a price they want to pay for Brexit.

Susan Cole,Tynemouth; Kath Chandler, Blyth Valley; Vicki Harris, Tynemouth; Lesley Kettlewell, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland; Jacqueline Matthews, Stockton North; Robert Best, Jarrow; Deb Thompson, Wansbeck; Adam Hopkins, Newcastle upon Tyne Central; Margaret Allen, Hartlepool; Graeme Murphy, Blyth Valley; John Temple, Easington; Michael Herdman, Bishop Auckland; Dave Grover, Newcastle upon Tyne East; John Dark, Hexham; Julie Williams, Bishop Auckland; Patrick Ellis, Middlesbrough; Brian Mallen, South Shields; Les Rae, North Tyneside; Neil Lonsdale, Blaydon; P. Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne North