BUSINESS: New retailer is good news

Over the years a number of businesses have traded from a certain building near Lumsden Lane in Morpeth.

Friday, 7th June 2019, 8:00 am

Given the length of time that scaffolding has been up around that building, I hope there is an end date in sight.

The opening of a new Peacock’s outlet would be a good retail news story, whether you are talking about retail in Ashington, Blyth or Morpeth.

Good news is always welcome both for shoppers and for people working in retail in the town.

When you have known a cat or a dog for a while you pick up a certain sense of their personality so you earn their respect.

We name and often spot the cat or dog first before thinking about the owner.

One of my neighbours has a dog called Kenny. Kenny has been a fixture on the hill for 16 years.

He is instantly recognisable, even when indoors from his barks when he’s out in the back lane, but also from his energy when he drags his owner Mick down the hill, carefully checking if anything’s changed.

Kenny, long ago, joined the list of cats and dogs that have contributed positively to life in this area.

Losing a parent is an unpleasant experience at whatever age they pass away as you lose a part of your life, but the memories don’t disappear.

To cope with the loss, you learn how to cope.

Some days it is easier than others.

When the Duke of Cambridge talks about the loss of his mother now, it is clear that it is still a raw, difficult subject for him.

Given the media scrutiny of his family after his mother’s death, the pressure would certainly have had its effect.

But his work on encouraging men to talk about their feelings is important.

Whether you are aged 25, 55 or 75, if you are down about something then the hope that keeping quiet about a specific subject and hoping the feelings will pass isn’t ideal.

But if you haven’t got a strong family or friend network to rely on it does take confidence to be open about your feelings, for example when travelling on a bus.

The many issues that work in this area raises is how to create the opportunities where men feel comfortable enough to talk about their feelings.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue