COUNCILS: No need for consultants

Coun Scott Dickinson’s concern about the working relationship between Northumberland County Council and parish councils (Morpeth Herald, April 4) follows concerns about how the same relationship affects the future of Storey Park Community Centre.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25 April, 2019, 09:00

Given that so many local councillors have more than one hat, i.e, sit on both county and parish councils, the range of options for issues of concern can be discussed.

Surely progress needs to be made without employing a consultant to investigate areas of particular difficulty.

If you want to open a shop in any town in the county, the cost of the rent is but one of many outgoings you will have to deal with.

The internet and changing patterns of work, among a range of issues, have affected footfall in the town centre so it’s challenging to do business.

As property prices are unlikely to go down, I wonder if someone from the county council has visited a certain gathering of shipping containers in Newcastle to see if that brownfield scheme offers a chance of developing small business opportunities in Northumberland.

I am sure that it’s an idea worth looking at.

It was a surprise to discover that the bus stop to Morpeth will be at last moving to Ashington’s new bus station.

I’ve caught Morpeth-bound buses for that long, I can’t remember the previous locations.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue