FIRE: Hope positives will follow

Watching the fire take hold at Notre Dame in Paris was one of the ‘I don’t believe this’ moments when you know that the image will stay with you for many years.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 9:19 am

Given that Notre Dame is both an important symbol for the French people and a building of worldwide importance, even with the large sums of money already given, it will be a challenge to rebuild and restore the building with the eyes of the world watching. The process will take time.

It will help people understand the shock of the fire and, hopefully, with the work to come on the site, positives can come from it, especially as the building has been there for so many years in one form or another, but has adapted to changes in the past.

Getting everything done in time for the Paris Olympics would be a major challenge as past restoration work on sites of major religious significance has taken time.

l I recently attended Morpeth Town Council’s annual meeting.

As someone with a memory or two of the Town Hall, it is good to see it used for traditional activities.

I was impressed by the handouts provided as the clear photographs of our local town councillors helped put faces to the names of people I’ve never met.

A photograph also says more than a lot of words when illustrating an area in which the town council has an impact.

l It’s a continuous challenge for any council to communicate with residents who may be traditional or modern in outlook, just as people who conduct most of their social life online have different expectations to those who don’t.

However, these days councillors are expected to communicate effectively in a range of ways, to deal with residents’ concerns and to work positively with council staff.

Roll on next year. Given the challenges the council faces, it will be interesting to see who meets them.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue