PHARMACIES: Why I’ve gone back to local

I wonder how many readers realise that our local independent pharmacies receive only a small payment for dispensing prescriptions.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 6:00 am

If the number of prescriptions decreases this ultimately makes it difficult for them to survive in a fiercely competitive world.

I recently tried to obtain a prescription via an online pharmacy and was severely disappointed. Trying to contact it online, I was presented with a message saying it would not be able to respond to my email for 48 hours.

Phoning it meant listening to a pre-recorded message, which assured me that although it was very busy, it would make sure my call was answered in around 10 minutes. However, I discovered it had very little concept of time.

When I unsubscribed it failed to send me a code to obtain the prescription elsewhere, even though it promised to do so.

This is in such contrast to the local pharmacy, which is always prepared to give advice free of charge without having to book an appointment to speak to somebody.

It will also deliver items if people are unable to get to the pharmacy due to health issues, and will chase up any problems without any additional costs.

Well, I have learnt my lesson and will be using local independent pharmacies in future.

D Moore

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