POLITICS: Stuck in a pantomime

Theresa May told Jeremy Corbyn in a recent Prime Minister’s (not answering the) Questions session in the House of Commons that her party, unlike his, was the one that looked after the interests of business.

Sunday, 17th February 2019, 05:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 12:02 pm

This has been one of the Tories’ most oft-repeated claims in their history, together with the one about caring for the interests of hardworking people (note that they always have to be ‘hardworking’, not just ‘people’).

In the past I have had little reason to doubt their first claim, though more reason to doubt the second. But given Mrs May’s steadfast refusal to rule out a ‘no deal Brexit’, this would seem to indicate that both claims are now untrue.

Her whole attitude seems to show that she is stuck in this pantomime mode that she referred to in the Commons last month, but without the humour.

I see that it is not just I who am concerned about this – UK-based businesses are now starting to relocate, and even the Queen, who usually and wisely distances herself from politics, has now felt the need to intervene.

Craig Harrison

High Common Farm