RAIL: It’s the results that matter

The challenges in getting retail improvements into Bedlington illustrates just how challenging establishing regeneration schemes can be for Northumberland County Council.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28 March, 2019, 07:58

The talk of a new rail link potentially from Newbiggin to Ashington, and on to Newcastle, has been around for years.

Stephen Lambert was correct to point out the parts of the county in need of an economic boost to improve job prospects for local residents.

But the challenge, whether it be for a future combined authority or for the county council, is to produce results.

People have seen the reports and the consultation, and heard the talk, but they await a boost to their local economy.

The noticeable increase in teenage suicide in recent years seems to be blamed on social media.

As to whether that is right or not, answers will be needed from people at risk of self-harm.

When it becomes clearer why they feel unable to cope with day to day life, then it will be clearer what kind of extra work parents, schools and even social media companies and society as a whole need to offer.

As much as it’s easy to think back to being 15, for example, no matter how far back that may be, the pressures on a 15-year-old now are different, and the times are different.

While it is good to read of future plans to repair local pavements in times of snow and ice, you tend to think more about what is on the pavement, not how it looks.

When you visit other parts of the county and see that the humble yellow grit boxes are not as often to be seen as they are in Morpeth, it continues to be a puzzle.

In different conditions, a supply of grit makes an area safer for local residents.

Yes, community-minded people have to use a shovel to spread the grit, but when you know your neighbours, you know the value of your work.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue