TOILETS: A good advert for the town

It’s good to see the Sanderson Arcade toilets getting further recognition (Morpeth Herald, January 3) as the toilets both on the ground floor and the first floor are always well maintained.

Saturday, 2nd February 2019, 05:00 am
Updated Thursday, 31st January 2019, 07:58 am

Together with the bus station toilets and those at Marks and Spencer, in a small part of the town there are high-quality toilets, which are a good advertisement for the town.

Not every part of the county is as fortunate, but it’s part of knowing the position of somewhere that you know where the good toilets are.

It’s important that public toilets continue to be maintained to a high standard and positive praise is given when it’s deserved.

l If you reach the point where your alcohol dependency is a problem and you need to seek help, finding support can be challenging so it’s good to hear that there is to be more help available.

It’s an example of where the NHS can spend money to save money as people who visit A&E regularly with problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption will be recognised by staff, as much as visiting a GP regularly will leave them searching for positive options for their patients.

So we will see what positive help can be brought in to add to the options available for people with alcohol issues and their families.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue