Our readers pass their verdict on new-look Herald

HERALD readers have given a general thumbs-up to their new-look weekly newspaper.

Last week the Morpeth Herald adopted a compact style, with a new modern look to suit current lifestyles.

We have also enhanced the way we present the news, making use of social media and QR codes, which can be scanned with a smart phone to access a website or email address.

We asked readers to tell us what they thought of the new design, and completed survey forms show the vast majority are in favour of it, with many saying they wanted the change to a compact paper.

People on the streets of Morpeth also shared that view.

Kirsten Winton said: “It is much easier to handle, I like it. I don’t read any other papers. I think the new Herald style is much better.”

Alan MacDougall said: “It is good. It is more accessible, especially for the older gentleman.

“It is sad to see the old format going, but we have to go with the changes.”

Ken Stait said: “I think it’s great — it is very good and much more manageable. You don’t have to annoy people sitting next to you in a coffee shop by elbowing them when you try to unravel the paper any more. It is a lot more socially acceptable.”

James Darroch said: “I think it’s all right. It doesn’t make much difference because the news is the same, which is the important thing, but it is better like this.”

Sheila Trafford said: “It is easier to hold, you just have to get used to it. It doesn’t make much difference because the news is the same.”

Angela Blackhall said: “I don’t like it. I found it much easier to read the old version because you had to turn over fewer pages and you could fold them over. With this you have got endless pages and you have to search for the news because there are so many adverts.”

Sarah Bowmer said: “There seems to be a lot less editorial by the look of it, it looks like there are more gaps. It is more spaced out, but that may be better for the older reader. I do think it looks fab and it is a lot cleaner.”

Ken Johnson said: “It is excellent. It is easier to hold, which is the main thing. The style is good and the newspaper keeps you up to date with all the local information.”

Gillian Hunter said: “I like the new look. I get the Herald delivered every Thursday and now it is easier to handle.”