‘Outside boundaries but it has merits’

Coun Andrew Tebbutt
Coun Andrew Tebbutt

Another scheme for a new property in Mitford was also refused due to its location in the open countryside and green belt.

The bid for a three-bedroom property on land north and south east of Springfield House, Saggerston Close, was refused by Northumberland County Council’s planning and rights of way committee.

Coun Andrew Tebbutt spoke as the local member and was in two minds.

“It’s outside the settlement boundary and there are no special circumstances, but it does have merits,” he said.

“However, you must support the officer’s recommendation (to refuse) because you must support the emerging Core Strategy and the Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan.”

These ‘merits’ included a proposal to reposition the existing fence line to improve access along the adjacent Lady’s Walk footpath, which is at risk of disappearing into the river.

The applicant, John Cook, also offered to provide for the establishment and maintenance of all the land in his control for biodiversity purposes, conserving a nature area in perpetuity.